Texas Hill Country or Rustic Homes – Which is Right for You?

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Texas Hill Country Home Design

Are you new to the Texas Hill Country, or are you just envisioning a Texas style home on your property? It is one of the most in-demand styles from our customers in many states, and is not limited to just the Texas Hill Country region. Are you wanting to learn a little more about these lovely homes? Here is a bit of history and some facts that may help you shape your dream home.

One of today’s most popular trends in custom homes combines a mixture of quarried Texas limestone, reclaimed timbers, standard bricking, antique fixtures and refurbished woods that create unique and lovely floor and wall patterns. The only limits to this style is your imagination.

According to the Handbook of Texas Online, Willard B. Robinson, “Architecture,” accessed January 30, 2017, http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/cmask, “Texas Hill Country styles found their beginnings during the Spanish colonial-Mexican Period (1821-35). Missionaries and soldiers brought with them designs and methods in home building when they came to Texas…they established missions with chapels, convents, apartments, and various service structures: presidios with fortifications, chapels, barracks and storerooms…”

Texas Hill Country Home Design

While these historic styles have evolved through time to suit modern home buyers, colonial era Mexicans and Texans originally quarried the stone to make their homes as it was a free, readily available resource and easy to cut into blocks. Heavy walled rustic homes helped to hold both heat and coolness during the Texas seasons. Many examples of these homes can still be seen on rancheros in S. Texas to this day. Many are still in use by the same ranching families.

While buildings of these styles became more common in Texas, a rise was also seen in skillfully milled lumbers such as oak, pine and cedar which were richly available in Texas. Common not only for floors and furniture, the early hand hewn wood was used in the construction of barns and other outbuildings. Over many years being exposed to the elements the reclaimed and refurbished woods developed unique patinas and have since become highly prized for use in exposed rafter beams and flooring.

As time has passed, construction has made huge strides. Instead of using limestone as the single component of the walls, it is now used in conjunction with or in the place of exterior brick on standard walls. Insulation once provided by the thickness of the stone is now replaced by wall joists filled with either blown in or rolled in insulation sealed by plywood or OSB (oriented strand board). Standard RHF (resistant heat flow) values with this type of construction can exceed 13.83, respectively. Current Texas Codes require only an R-11. Thus, Texas Limestone is an excellent material for insulation as well as creating a lovely exterior.

Additionally, Texas limestone is also used to make lovely fireplace hearths and mantles and even as accents in kitchen areas. Outdoor kitchens have also become a favorite feature of our clients.

While many design styles are common in Texas, many new home buyers and builders are being increasingly drawn to Texas Hill Country homes. Materials are easily quarried, sized and shipped to the site for reasonable charges. Installation methods are very similar to modern brick and will easily outlive the life of the home itself.

Self care is minimal on Texas Limestone. It wears well, but can be prone to a light algae buildup in damp areas as any other bricking. This is easily cleaned with a pressure washer during yearly home maintenance.

We hope you have learned a little about Texas Hill Country Homes. Ed Churchman, the owner of Paragon Residential Design, offers over 38 years of hands-on construction and architectural design experience. A majority of these homes have been in the style of Texas Hill Country homes, rustic homes with reclaimed woods and log homes, If you have questions, please feel free to call. There is no obligation. We enjoy visiting with others and helping you reach the home of your dreams.

We at Paragon Designs strive to make the journey to your new home as pleasurable and worry-free as possible. Welcome to Paragon Residential Designs. WHERE WE TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY

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